extendedmenugrid Today we mark (Thanks to Bald) a patch for RomPatcher that can be placed among the most important and curious.

Through this patch,In fact, You can change the appearance of the menu of our mobile phone from nokia 3 columns and 4 rows to any number of rows and columns.

The author of the patch is Coderus and to implement it just follow these simple steps. (Remember that you need to hack on your mobile phone).

To modify to your liking, the number of rows and columns just install a program written by the same CodeRus.

The application is written in python, then you must have installed the interpreter Python (recommend stable release 1.45 downloadable from here) and the MegaPyModulePack (downloadable here, is unsigned) for besides having folders Open4All patch.


  1. Installed the interpreter Python;
  2. Install the MegaPyModulePack;
  3. installed GridPatcher — EN. sisx;
  4. Copy the file ExtendMenuGrid rmp. in the folder and:/Patches;
  5. Apply the patch Folders Open4All;
  6. Copy the folder Z:\private10207254 in c:\private10207254 ;
  7. Open GridPatcher EN and enter the code "01"For the English language;
  8. Click on "Options > Edit both modes"and enter the number of columns and rows.
  9. Apply the patch ExtendMenuGrid rmp. in RomPatcher;
  10. Close all, revenue in the General menu and click on "Options > Exit"and reopen menu.

(13.6 KiB, UPDATE: 21 October 2009)
3,767 clicks

Remember that the patch only works on Symbian 9.2 and 9.3.

Infine ecco degli screenshot del mio nuovo menu 😆


This is the alternative for those who do not want to install python:

  1. Copy the folder Z:\private10207254 in C:\Private10207254
  2. Replace the file AppShell_Grid.o0005 which is in C:\Private10207254themes270486738270513751270 601904\1.0\ with the one attached;
  3. patch (ExtendMenuGrid rmp.)or apply c2z;
  4. in the menu, press Options > Exit and reentering menu you should see the new layout.

To manually edit the file to this guide Feast your: link

Udeste The 21 - October - 2009

12 Responses so far.

  1. The Busted says:

    Excuse Udeste, I would precisarti that the file AppShell_Grid. o0005 must be placed inside the folder C:\Private10207254themes270486738270513751270 601904\1.0.

    However, I've tried but I prefer the normal ^ ^
    At the next.

    • Udeste says:

      I've updated the Guide, Thank you. :yes: I had just escaped..
      I rather prefer much more this Division. Gives a more general icons.. Then I punti di vista! :smile

      EDIT: I modified the program written by Coderus to handle everything directly from mobile phone.

  2. […] Continua a leggere: ExtendedMenuGrid by Coderus: a patch to increase the icons in the menu. […]

  3. dominant says:

    then…I did everything and when I insert the number of columns riche and tells me "Close Menu (Options – Exit) and try again"…

    What should I do…rispnmdetemi soon!…

    rgazie still very good site ..…

    • Udeste says:

      Hello, try these steps:
      – activate the patch folders Open4all
      – disables the ExtendMenuGrid rmp patch. (or c2z)
      – options > Quit to restore the menu' original
      – Launches GridPatcher program and makes editing EN…
      – reapplies the patch ExtendMenuGrid rmp. (or c2z)
      – options > Exit to display the new menu'
      The problem is that the file could not be changed because it was in use from the patch.. Let us know if you have solved. ciao

  4. dominant says:

    Thank you 1000 for now we try and let you know immediately grazir Hello again

  5. dominant says:

    6 a large portion tuttoooooooo…

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  7. ottimo… un hack veranete utile… ho impostato 2 columns and 3 rows and I must say it is excellent… I see from your menu that you nombuzz… Maybe you tell me your nick so you add… 😉

  8. everything works great now… Ok then now you'll add on nimbuzz.. 😉

  9. maloy75 says:

    what a nice solution to organize menu, perfectly works on my Nokia N95 8GB, thanks

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