Il carissimo amico Bald di We report a very useful program for our Nokia phones with Symbian OS 3rd Edition and 5th edition.

symbian-tool-logo Il software in questione si chiama Symbian-Tool (by Jined) and gives you the ability to perform very important operations on the phone's mass storage. In fact, is able to perform Backup, Restore, Cleaning, Edit, Optimization and Sterilization mass memory. All Italian selectable button in the upper right "Ling. Italian ".

symbian-tool Among other features, we find 6 options dedicated to cleaning and to the ottimizzazione mass memory, as the deletion of image previews that slow down the opening of the Gallery, fast defragmentation utility to delete most system files.

My advice is to make a back-up photos,video,contacts and your most important things Since the author does not assume any responsibility for any damage caused by the software in question (the same goes for myself :) ). As you can see next to some operations there is an asterisk, This means that it is a dangerous operation and that you assume the responsibility.

In the archive which you can download below is a guide in Italian (I recommend to read) where all operations are explained that the program is running.

Symbian Tools v1.78 by Jined
(1.1 MiB, UPDATE: 6 August 2010)
9,566 clicks

In addition to the software to run on Windows are also present 3 applications to install on your phone:

Battery enchancer (alpha release)

Processes related to gps, room, video, access to the file system, screensaver, Games, multimedia, and applications NOT IN USE, priority are lowered DURING STANDBY, in order to reduce cpu load, and then the phone battery consumption.
This has the effect of increasing the autonomy of a battery 10/20% about (varies depending on the model of phone).

Sms saver (beta release)

Save SMS in text files, easily exportable on text editor for PC:

Always use the software after a back-up!


  • data optimization (Defrag)
  • backup / media data recovery (media copy)
  • backup / restore all (copy image)
  • Cleanup Settings > applications
  • clean thumbnails
  • registry cleaning
  • copy/move images and videos

Cleaning tools:

  • Jubble: clearing all settings, configurations, the cache, indexing files, programs and games installed on the memory card, and other settings including the register of symbian. Remain untouched: Photographs, Video footage, Personal MP3 songs and ringtones, documents saved in external memory, personal directory saved in external memory, widgets, gps SatNav maps, default personal folder installers.
  • Sterilize: delete most of the symbian files; leaves only video, photos and audio.
  • Regkiller: cleaning the registry and the majority of installed applications and configurations.
  • Thumbkiller: delete all thumbnails(thumbnails).
  • Optimizer: boosts mobile performance, i.e. delete indexing files, dead links Symbian registry, about empty directories and various types of caches.
  • Quick defrag: optimizes file mass memory Storage System Symbian, increasing the speed and time of launch to access files.

Back-up tools:

  • Quickbak: backup multimedia files and personal documents.
  • Quickres: restore media files and personal documents.
  • Fullbak: full backup of material Symbian, excluding SMS, MMS, notes and contacts.
  • Fullres: full restore SMS Symbian excluded material, MMS, notes and contacts.
  • Custom transfer: transfers the latest videos and photos from your mobile phone.
  • Custom move: move the latest photos and videos from your mobile to pc.
  • Selective copy/move files: Select the files you want to copy or move from pc to phone and vice versa.
Udeste The 23 - November - 2009

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  1. wave says:

    There is version 1.22 around compatible with Windows 7

  2. giordan says:

    and' to version 1.67, is becoming very powerful and interesting.. Now you can' also be used to uninstall programs from mobile phones.

  3. andrea says:

    😉 ottimo complimenti! Finally a program useful that normally lies only x pc! congratulations!

  4. fULVIO says:


  5. Logiciels says:

    Yes Super symbian tool, It is a useful tool for doing tasks untas:
    Backup, restoration, cleaning, Edition, Optimize, Stériliser la mémoire de stockage Symbian …. essayez le

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